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About Zion Temple Celebration Center-Denmark
Zion Temple Celebration Center Denmark is  non denominational  This is   God's resting places, where there is perpetual worship and praise, prayer and intercession, deliverence, teaching, preaching and other spiritual empowerments activities.
 "The fire is kept burning on the altar continuously , it does not go out" (Leviticus 6:6). The vision of Zion Temple Church is to " Prepare the the Bride of Christ to meet the Groom." (Amos 4:12).
The goals of Zion Temple CC are:
1. Speak and teach the Authentic Word of God
2. Equip and empower the belivers (spiritually and socially)
3. Preach the Message of the Kingdom Of GOD

Zion Temple Celebration Centre of Denmark opened in 2004, by authentic word ministeries.
Have two weekly fellowship services and daily intercession and evangelization. Included also are special programs such as fasting prayers or overnight prayers. Many people attend these worship services and Sunday services.
Since 2004 this church has accomplished alot for God's kingdom in  Denmark many have given their life to God.


Denne hjemmeside er ikke færdig endnu, så der kan stadig være fejl på siden, men vi arbejder på at få dem fjernet hurtigst muligt.

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